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Joshua Bray

Joshua Bray is our Marketing Assistant at Right2Drive who has enjoyed working across many parts of the business over the last 5 years. Josh has a passion for advertising and enjoys the fact that his work genuinely helps people in a time of need.

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What does ‘like-for-like’ mean when choosing an accident loan car provider?

Have you ever had to settle for something less than what you wanted or needed? At Right2Dr...

What to expect from an accident loan car provider like Right2Drive

Did you know that the odds of a person having a car accident in Australia are once every s...

Public transport doesn’t have to be the answer after a not at-fault accident

Life can take a major turn when you are involved in a car accident. “How long will I be wi...

What information do you need to collect at the accident scene?

Being involved in a car accident can be extremely unsettling but it’s very important to co...

Accident Loan Car - Why you shouldn’t have to settle for less

Not only can being involved in a not at-fault accident be traumatic, but it can leave you ...

Ryan spreads the Right2Drive Advantage

Right2Drive’s brand ambassador, Ryan Hoffman knows all about getting an advantage on the f...

What costs are there after an accident when you’re not at-fault?

When you are not at-fault in an accident involving more than one car, it can be one of the...

Q & A with Josh Bray

Question: Can I choose my own accident loan car provider?

Common misconceptions about being in an accident where you are not at-fault

Each year that time comes around where we think about renewing our car insurance, but have...

The lifehack to use after an accident

If you weren’t at-fault in a car accident you’ll want to know about this lifehack.

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