If you’re a celebrity maybe it doesn’t matter if you’re not aware of your rights on the road, but for most people who rely on their car to get them around every day, losing it after an accident is a big deal.


With most cars averaging two weeks in the smash repairer, it means the bump on the road is just the beginning. However, if you were not at-fault in an accident, that’s not how it has to be. Not at-fault drivers may have the right to a loan car, with the costs covered by the at-fault party. More info.


At Right2Drive, we specialise in accident loan cars and we can provide you with something similar to your car whilst it gets repaired or until the claim of total loss is settled. We have an extensive range of cars and can deliver to your home or work to get you back on the road, fast. It’s a 5-star service that even celebs would appreciate.


So if you ever find yourself in a car accident apply for a loan car with Right2Drive.