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How well do you know these misunderstood road rules?

March 05, 2018

Like everything else in life, road rules can change from time to time. So no matter how good your memory or how long you have had your licence for, it’s important to know the current road rules before getting behind the wheel.


To help keep you up to date, here are a few road rules you should know:


1. Give way to pedestrians when turning 

If a driver is turning at an intersection, and a pedestrian is crossing the road (where there is no pedestrian crossing) in which the driver is turning into, the driver must give way. This applies at intersections but not at roundabouts.


2. School Zones 

School zones are still in operation and enforceable on pupil free days


3. Yellow Traffic Lights 

You must stop at a yellow traffic light unless it is unsafe to do so. A yellow light is not an extension of a green light but rather the beginning of a red light.


4. Use of High Beam Headlights 

A driver must not use their high beams if another vehicle is travelling within 200m behind, or 200m ahead of you.


5. Merging 

When a driver is travelling on a road without lane markings and the number of lanes is reduced, they must allow vehicles ahead of them to merge. 

When a driver is travelling in a marked lane which is ending and is required to merge, the driver must give way to the traffic travelling in the lane being entered. 


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