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Making Road Trips Fun For The Kids

December 19, 2018

It goes without question when you have packed up the car for the holidays and hit the road we have either said or have heard the words ‘are we there yet?’

If you’re planning on travelling a long distance in the car with your family these holidays I have collated some great ways to help keep the kid’s entertained.


Keep their minds busy

Nothing helps pass the time in the car than playing a game. One of my favourite games as a kid was playing “I Spy” and we have created our very own version which you can print out and play with your kids. So who will find them all first!






Capture the moment

Get your kids involved in capturing the moments of the road trip and holiday by getting them involved in creating a photobook. Polaroid cameras can still be purchased for under $100 and are a great way for the kids to have a little photo shoot in the back of the car and add them in the photo book. Let them even get a little more creative by bringing stickers and markers so they can decorate the photobook pages.


It’s showtime!

If you have an iPad pre-load it with some movies the kids haven’t seen yet. To help make it feel like more of a special movie experience, pack a bag of popcorn for the kids as a surprise.


Stop for a break at McDonald's or a park

As a kid I remember one of the highlights being a stop at McDonald’s. The excitement began when started playing the game "who could spot those golden arches". What makes McDonald’s or a picnic in the park great is that you get the kids out of the car to stretch their legs, burn off some energy in the playground and tuck into a cheeseburger or some snacks afterwards.


Let the kids be the DJ

Road trips are synonymous with singing along to your favourite songs with the windows down. Let the kids choose the music to play and encourage them to sing along and perform with makeshift microphones in the car.