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Winter Escapes

August 29, 2018

Looking for a weekend escape this winter? Maybe a sneaky romantic getaway? How does spending a night in a cave on the side of a mountain sound?

Look no further than the Love Cabins in the Blue Mountains!!

Bel's Blog - Winter Escapes

(Image Source: Love Cabins.com, 2018)

The Cave stirs something in our biology – a primitive memory of our beginning, when we lived in a simpler world and simpler times. If you are looking to get away from the hassle and stresses of modern life, the Love Cabin is perfect! It is a place to cook, relax and take a moment to take in the beautiful surroundings with a glass of wine in hand. Perfection!


As you relax in the spa, the afternoon clouds roll over the mountains before giving way to an evening of stars floating above the horizon. Daylight fades, the glowing fireplace flames dance and shadows display across the rock walls, painting them with warmth and the silence of the bush. This is such a unique and special stay, you will never want to leave.


The cave is suitable for couples and is available for a one night stay Sunday – Thursday and a minimum 2 nights Friday & Saturday.


Bel's Blog - Winter Escapes 2

 (Image Source: Love Cabins.com, 2018)

Although this stay is a little pricey, it will be a memory you will never forget. And of course, you can take some amazing photos that your friends and family will be envious of when you share them on Instagram.


If you would like further info please visit www.lovecabins.com.au/Enchanted-Cave.aspx