You may have a right to a replacement car

Most Australians don’t know that if you’re not at-fault in a multi-vehicle accident, you may be entitled to a rental car with the rental costs recovered from the at-fault party, or more typically their insurer, whilst your car is repaired or claim is settled.

4 Simple Steps

Book a car

Book a car online & we will assess your eligibility in 24-48 hours.

Free Drop-off

On approval, we will deliver a like-for-like car to you.

Free Pick-up

When your car is repaired, we’ll collect our loan car from you.

No Cost

We recover the costs from at-fault drivers insurer*

Do You Need To Have The Hire Car Option With Your Insurance?

If you’re not at-fault in a multi-vehicle accident, you do not need hire car cover in your insurance policy to take advantage of an accident repair rental car.

Specialists like Right2Drive will give you a like-for-like car and recover the rental costs on your behalf, with your assistance, from the at-fault party.

If you aren’t eligible for an accident repair rental car e.g. you were at-fault, this is the time that the hire car option in your insurance is required. 

Can I Choose My Replacement Car Provider?

Yes, if you’re not at-fault. Regardless of what your insurer may say, you have the right to choose where you get your replacement car from.

Why is this important? 

Well, not all providers recommended by insurers are the same. Some won’t deliver the car to you, some will charge an insurance excess, some will require a bond and some don’t even provide like-for-like vehicle replacement.

Right2Drive is Australia’s leading Accident Replacement Vehicle provider – we deliver the car to customers within 100km of our extensive branch network, we provide like-for-like vehicle replacement and we also provide $0 insurance excess.

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