We’ve got large SUVs to keep you moving after a not at fault accident.

After a not at fault accident, you just want to get back into a vehicle like your own that was involved in the accident. Your large SUV was spacious, powerful, and reliable. Why should you have to compromise on that? With Right2Drive, you don’t have to compromise. We have a range of large SUVs to get you back on the road again.

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What about using my insurer to get a large SUV? Or what if I don’t have vehicle insurance?

Even if you do have vehicle insurance, you may not always be able to get a like-for-like large SUV that’s fit for purpose or for the time you require. You have a legal entitlement to be placed back into the position you were in before your not at fault accident, so even if you don’t have insurance, Right2Drive may still be able to assist you!


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Making a bad day better

No cost to you *T&Cs Apply

Our costs are recovered through the at fault driver or their insurer.

Pick up and drop off

We'll deliver the vehicle to you and collect it again when your repairs are complete,

Keep the car during repairs

Or, in the case of total loss, you can keep the vehicle until you receive settlement.

A vehicle similar to yours

We can provide you with a like-for-like vehicle, subject to availability.

How does Right2Drive work?

Application process

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Cost recovery


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Get back on the road in one of our Large SUV.

If you need a replacement vehicle after a not at fault accident, Right2Drive can help you.