Not at fault? AAMI not at fault car hire isn't your only option.

If you are the not-at-fault driver in a vehicle accident, making a claim with AAMI directly isn't your only option. You’re entitled to be restored to the position you were in before your accident, with the costs covered through the at fault driver or their insurer.

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Get a like-for-like vehicle through Right2Drive.

The AAMI not at fault hire car may not be like-for-like and may not be available to you for the entire length of the repair or settlement process. Right2Drive can provide access to a similar vehicle during the entire repair process or while awaiting settlement. And the best part? If you're not at fault, this service is provided at no cost to you. * T&Cs apply.


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Making a bad day better

No cost to you *T&Cs Apply

Our costs are recovered through the at fault driver or their insurer.

Pick up and drop off

We'll deliver the vehicle to you and collect it again when your repairs are complete,

Keep the car during repairs

Or, in the case of total loss, you can keep the vehicle until you receive settlement.

A vehicle similar to yours

We can provide you with a like-for-like vehicle, subject to availability.

How does Right2Drive work?

Application process

During hire

Cost recovery

Why should I choose Right2Drive if I have an insurance policy?

The Right2Drive Difference
No cost to you*
Receive an accident replacement vehicle
We deliver and collect the vehicle
Use replacement vehicle for length of repairs
Like-for-like replacement vehicle*
$0 excess on our vehicle if in an accident
Get approval in 24 – 48 hours
No impact on your no-claim bonus

Insurance providers

At Right2Drive, we’re experienced in working with major insurance providers to recover the costs of your accident replacement vehicle.


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No vehicle insurance? Not at fault? No worries!

Even if you don’t have vehicle insurance and you’re not at fault, Right2Drive may still be able to assist you with an accident replacement vehicle for the entire duration of your repairs.