Keep moving in an accident courtesy car

Being involved in a not at fault accident shouldn’t mean that you can’t get around. With Right2Drive, you can keep the accident courtesy car for the entire duration of your repairs, or until you receive settlement.

Supporting Aussie drivers' rights for more than a decade

After you’ve been involved in a not at fault vehicle accident, you’re legally entitled to be placed back into the position you were in prior to the accident. At Right2Drive, we’re here to advocate for your rights as the not at fault driver by assisting you with an undamaged vehicle similar to your own vehicle that was involved in the accident. Whether you’re on two wheels or four, we aim to be the leading provider of accident courtesy cars.


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How can I get an accident courtesy car?

Application process

During hire

Cost recovery

How Right2Drive can assist you after a not at fault car accident

Making a bad day better

No cost to you *T&Cs Apply

Our costs are recovered through the at fault driver or their insurer.

Pick up and drop off

We'll deliver the vehicle to you and collect it again when your repairs are complete,

Keep the car during repairs

Or, in the case of total loss, you can keep the vehicle until you receive settlement.

A vehicle similar to yours

We can provide you with a like-for-like vehicle, subject to availability.



We are very proud to announce, for the second year running, Right2Drive has won the 2020 Product Review Award for the Car Hire category.

Frequently Asked Questions

Under our agreement with you, the not at fault driver, you won’t be liable for the rental costs as long as you are not at fault, you assist us in the recovery of the costs from the at fault party or their insurer, and otherwise act in accordance with the terms and conditions of our agreement. If we require your assistance in recovering the rental costs, this may include you having to provide documents, witness statements, and in some cases, appearing in court as a witness in proceedings we commence in your name. You’ll still need to pay for petrol, tolls and infringements as you would in your own car.

Provided you assist us in the recovery process and otherwise act in accordance with the terms and conditions of our agreement, you will be released from liability for the rental costs or legal fees associated with the recovery.

Yes, under Australian law, you are entitled to a like-for-like accident replacement vehicle if the accident wasn’t your fault regardless of whether you have insurance. Find out if you meet all the eligibility criteria for an accident loan car here:

As long as you are the not at fault driver and you meet our eligibility criteria, then we can help you with an accident replacement vehicle. Please complete our online application here.

Get a like-for-like accident courtesy car through Right2Drive.

We’ll even deliver it to your doorstep.