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Understanding Roundabout Rules In Victoria

Everything you need to know about Roundabout Rules in Victoria?

When approaching a roundabout, it is crucial to observe and follow the correct entry procedure. Firstly, always approach the roundabout at a reasonable speed and be prepared to yield. If there is a vehicle in the roundabout or approaching from your right, you must wait until it has passed before entering.

Understanding the Hook Turn Rules in Victoria

Understanding the Hook Turn Rules in Victoria

A hook turn is a right-turn maneuver typically used at intersections in Victoria State, Australia. It is designed to ensure the smooth flow of traffic and improve safety for all road users.

2023.06.01 Article Banner - The Facts About Fatigued Driving

The Facts About Fatigued Driving

How much do you know about driving when you're too tired to pay attention? Read our article to help keep you safe on the road - knowing when to take a break could prevent a vehicle accident.

2023.05.23 Article Banner - Simple Ways To Avoid Having A Car Accident

Safe Driving Tips To Help Avoid Car Accidents

Looking for tips to drive more safely? Right2Drive has put together a list to assist you in making safer driving choices and avoiding a car accident.

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We are very proud to announce, for the second year running, Right2Drive has won the 2020 Product Review Award for the Car Hire category.

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How To Avoid Collisions With Kangaroos and Other Wild Animals

Millions of animals are killed on Australian roads every year. Do you know what to do to avoid having an accident with an animal that's on the road?

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Can You Drive Your Vehicle After a Not at Fault Accident?

Do you know what could make your vehicle unroadworthy after an accident and when you may need to arrange a towing service? Our article can provide the guidance you need.

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Avoiding Accidents at Traffic Light Intersections

By following the correct road rules, accidents can be avoided at traffic light intersections. However, if you are involved in an accident that wasn't your fault, Right2Drive may be able to provide you with an accident loan car for the duration of your repairs and at no cost to you.

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Tips for Merging Lanes Safely

There are several things you can do to ensure you're merging lanes safely when you find yourself in a lane that's about to end. However, accidents still happen. If you're not at fault in a vehicle accident, Right2Drive may be able to assist you with an accident loan car at no cost to you.

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How To Avoid Distracted Driving

Although there are many types of distractions, there are also simple ways to avoid them while driving. But sometimes, even if you're paying attention, you can be involved in an accident that's not your fault. You may be eligible for an accident loan car for the entire duration of your repairs and at no cost to you.