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FUEL FACTS: What is E10 Fuel?

July 03, 2018

If you are anything like me, E10 has just been a sticker on a fuel pump. But today I am going to try and help answer some burning questions you may have about E10 fuel.

  • What makes E10 fuel different?
  • Can E10 save you money?
  • Is E10 fuel poor quality?
  • Is E10 safe to use on your car?


What makes E10 fuel different?

E10 is a blend of regular unleaded petrol and Ethanol (usually about 9 or 10 percent). Ethanol is a form of alcohol which is more environmentally friendly to both use and produce than regular fuel. It is typically produced through a fermentation process using glucose obtained from sugars, starch or cellulose (forest products) but mainly from sugar cane.

Now that our Science lesson is out of the way, let’s get to the answers you really want to know


Will I save money using E10 fuel?

Although E10 is cheaper at the pump, it will burn quicker than your premium fuels. This is due to the higher octane rating of premium fuel (Unleaded 98) compared to E10 (Unleaded 91/94). So, in simple terms, the higher the number the more efficient the fuel burns. But at anywhere to 30 – 50c a litre price difference, I’ll let you decide if it is worth the extra couple of KMs.


Is E10 fuel poor quality because it’s cheaper?

As long as the manufacturer has stated that your vehicle is suitable to run on E10, you can be confident to fill up your car with E10 fuel because the Fuel Quality Standards Act 2000 requires all fuel, including E10 meet the same high standards.


Will E10 fuel damage or dirty your engine?

As long as the manufacturer has stated that the vehicle is suitable to run on E10, it will not damage your vehicle. Generally, most modern cars are equipped to run on E10 but if you’re unsure, you can check your car’s owner’s manual or check out these handy government websites.


NSW -  https://www.e10fuelforthought.nsw.gov.au/compatibility-check


QLD - https://e10ok.initiatives.qld.gov.au/results/rego-checker-results



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