Most Aussie Drivers Are Unaware Of Their Rights After A Not At Fault Car Accident

Have you been in an accident that wasn’t your fault? Are you catching public transport or driving around in an unsuitable hire car while your own car is being repaired? Chances are, you’re not getting what you’re legally entitled to. In a recent study we conducted on drivers across Australia, we found that 74% of consumers are unaware of their rights after an accident.

What Are You Entitled To In A Car Accident?

Under Australian law, not at fault drivers and riders are entitled to be put back into the position they were in prior to their accident. This means you’re entitled to a like-for-like vehicle while yours is being repaired. If your car, van, truck or motorcycle has been taken off the road through no fault of your own, you shouldn’t be the one paying the price. You have clear legal rights, enshrined by the High Court, including a replacement vehicle equivalent to your own, for the entire duration of repairs. If your vehicle has been deemed a total loss, you’re still entitled to an accident replacement vehicle until you receive settlement on your vehicle.

Providing Support After A Not At Fault Car Accident

Our CEO at Right2Drive, James Tonna, believes more needs to be done to support Aussie motorists after a not at fault accident. He said despite drivers being entitled to a like-for-like loan car, many still find themselves stuck with vehicles that are not fit for purpose, or in many cases, they receive nothing at all.

“The cost of driving an unsuitable vehicle can vary for not at fault drivers, from simply being inconvenient to effectively preventing them from doing their job or being able to look after their family,” Mr Tonna said.

“We’ve seen parents with a large family unable to drop the kids off to school or their extracurricular activities because they’ve been given a sedan in place of the people mover they had prior to the accident.”

After a not at fault car accident, you're entitled to received a like-for-like accident replacement vehicle that is fit for purpose.

“We’ve seen tradies given replacement vehicles that can’t tow a trailer, carry their work tools or their crew, and as a result, miss out on paid work.”

How Does Right2Drive Work?

Right2Drive is all about smoothing the road for Aussies in such situations by providing suitable replacement vehicles and the level of service they deserve.

Mr Tonna said: “The fact that only one in four Australian motorists are aware of their legal rights is quite alarming. When a not at fault driver is penalised, it is not only unfair, but also contrary to the law as confirmed by the High Court.

“Being in a motor vehicle accident isn’t fun for anyone, but we aim to make a bad day better by providing customers a fit-for-purpose vehicle, for the duration of their repairs – and at no cost to them.”

How Can Right2drive Help You?

Mr Tonna said Right2Drive was not out to challenge or disrupt the motor vehicle insurance industry, instead looking to improve the overall service offering to Aussie drivers who are involved in a not at fault accident.

Right2Drive aims to improve the overall service received by not at fault drivers after a car accident.

“We assist not at fault drivers to access their legal rights and get back on the road as soon as possible. We always act in the best interest of the consumer and ultimately, we’re here to invigorate and improve a system that has been well overdue for a good tune up,” he concluded.

For more than a decade, Right2Drive has helped over 250,000 eligible drivers get back on the road in an accident replacement vehicle after a motor vehicle accident. We have branches in 25 locations across Australia and New Zealand to provide accident loan cars to eligible not at fault drivers.

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Legal Right To Pre-Accident State

Protecting not at fault drivers' rights to a like-for-like accident replacement vehicle.

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Legal Right To Pre-Accident State

Protecting not at fault drivers' rights to a like-for-like accident replacement vehicle.