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Trying to move on after a not at-fault accident

October 15, 2020

Nobody plans to have a car accident

When a car accident happens it usually takes you by surprise and it’s quite normal for a million things to start running through your mind:

    • Am I ok?
    • Are my passengers safe?
    • Are the passengers in the other car alright?
    • How bad is the damage to my car?
    • Will insurance cover the damage?
    • What will I do to get around while my car is being fixed?

Once you have hopefully established that everyone is safe, the next thing to do is exchange details with the other driver. But what details should you be collecting? To help make this as simple as possible, Right2Drive have created a free car accident guide for you.




Moving on from the car accident

Sometimes it can be difficult getting back into the swing of things after being involved in a car accident. To help ease you back onto the road here are a few simple tips:

    • Drive on familiar roads: Driving on roads you know can be a good way to regain your confidence after a car accident.
    • Leave some room to move: When driving it’s important to move with the traffic whilst staying within the speed limit but to help give you some breathing space why not leave some extra room between you and the car in front? A good guide on the space you should leave is at least three car spaces.
    • Get an Accident Loan Car: If you were not at-fault in a car accident why should you be stuck without your car whilst it’s repaired due to someone else’s negligence? Move on from the accident with Right2Drive as we may be able to provide you with an accident loan car whilst your car is repaired, and best of all, they will recover the costs of the loan car from the at-fault party’s insurer on your behalf.


Get back on the road with Right2Drive

Right2Drive is Australia’s #1 provider of accident loan cars who aim to give you a car similar to your own to help you get comfortable driving again. Our staff also strive to give you a great experience by showing you around the car, helping you get comfortable with the car controls and helping connect your phone to the cars Bluetooth system.

If you have been involved in a car accident which wasn’t your fault apply for a loan car with Right2Drive.




Things you should know: Information in this blog is current as at 15/10/2020 and is subject to change. Applications for an accident loan car are subject to approval. Your assistance in recovering rental costs may include you providing documents, giving witness statements, and in some cases, appearing in court in proceedings Right2Drive commences in your name. Terms and conditions apply and are available at www.right2drive.com.au.