When we launched Right2Drive in 2012 we knew we were creating a service that all Australians would find incredibly valuable at some point in their lives. But the challenge was this business was based on a right most people were simply not aware of, in many ways, because it had been kept a secret.


The majority of Australians don’t know that if they’re not at-fault in a car accident, and more than one car is involved, they could be entitled to a loan car with the costs covered by the at-fault party. More info.


A car accident is one of those things we hope will never happen to us, but when it does, knowing this secret right is priceless. In just the last 6 years Right2Drive has helped over 100,000 people get back on the road after an accident and our plan is to continue sharing this secret across all of Australia. 


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Starting out in Peakhurst, with just two guys and one van, we have quickly become Australia’s leading provider of accident loan cars with a nationwide branch network, Australia’s most satisfied customers and a broad fleet range. Our number one priority for now is to continue to spread the word about your right to a loan car if you are not at-fault in an accident with another vehicle.


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