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You have a right to drive

March 02, 2018

Surprisingly, 70% of people still don’t know that if you are involved in a multi-vehicle accident and it’s not your fault, you don’t have to be left stranded without a car whilst your car is getting repaired. That’s right, common law exists which means that you can rent a car whilst your car is in for repairs and recover the rental costs from the at-fault party.

So how can you get a car if you’re not at-fault?

OPTION 1: Accident Replacement Vehicle Provider

These are businesses who specialise in providing accident replacement vehicles. Right2Drive is Australia’s leading provider who prides itself on helping drivers who are not at-fault get back on the road fast. With world class service we can deliver a car to the accident scene, repairer or your home and you aren’t required to pay anything upfront. After your car has been repaired and you return our car, we will seek to recover the rental costs from the at-fault party on your behalf. All we ask from you is to provide assistance in the recovery process which may mean we need you to provide documents, statements or in some instances attending court as a witness.


OPTION 2: Rental Car Company

You can book a car directly through a rental car company however you should be aware that you will be subject to upfront costs which could include rental costs and bond. Unlike an Accident Replacement Vehicle Provider, they will not assist in the recovery of costs. You will need to try and recover the costs directly from the at-fault party.


Car accidents can happen when you least expect it, so it pays to know that Right2Drive can be there to help you. So you don’t forget about this great service you can print our handy guide on what to do at the accident scene here.