Daily Rental Rates

ACRISS Code Size Body Example Base Rate From: Excess Reduction
        (incl GST) (incl GST)
CDAR Compact Hatch Holden Barina $55 $39
IDAR Intermediate Hatch Hyundai i30 $69 $39
IWAR Intermediate Wagon Volkswagen Golf $88 $39
SCAR Standard Sedan Toyota Camry $88 $39
SWAR Standard Wagon Mazda 6 $88 $39
FCAR Fullsize Sedan Holden Commodore $94 $39
FWAR Fullsize Wagon Holden Commodore Wagon $105 $39
PCAR Premium Sedan Holden Caprice $121 $50
JDAR Intermediate Elite Hatch Mercedes A180/Audi A3 $127 $50
RCAR Standard Elite Sedan BMW 3 Series $132 $50
RWAR Standard Elite Wagon Mercedes C200 Estate $132 $50
LCAR Luxury Sedan Mercedes E200 $219 $50
Passenger Vans        
FVAR Passenger Van Kia Carnival $132 $50
SUV's / 4WD        
CFAR Compact SUV Mitsubishi ASX $94 $39
IFAR Intermediate SUV Mazda CX-5 $94 $39
SFAR Standard SUV Holden Captiva $121 $39
FFAR Fullsize SUV Kia Sorento/Mitsubishi Pajero $121 $50
JFAR Intermediate Elite SUV Infiniti Q30 $132 $50
RFAR Standard Elite SUV Audi Q5 $176 $50
UFAR Premium Elite SUV Porsche Macan $219 $50
LFAR Luxury SUV Mercedes ML250 $219 $50
XFAR Special SUV Range Rover/Porsche Cayenne $329 $61
Commercial Utilities        
FPBR Fullsize Utility Single Cab Holden Colorado 4x2 single cab $66 $39
FQBR Fullsize Utility Dual Cab Toyota Hilux 4x4 dual cab $77 $39
Commercial Vans        
IKAR Intermediate Van Volkswagen Caddy $55 $39
FKAR Fullsize Van Toyota Hiace $72 $39
OKAR Oversize Van Toyota Hiace SLWB $121 $39
GKAR Fullsize Elite Van Renault Master $154 $39


Fee Structure (all rates shown below inclusive of GST)

The daily base rates shown above include 24hr Breakdown Assistance and GST (10%), and exclude Registration Recovery Fee ($7.65 per day), excess reduction fee (from $39 per day), and Administration fee (3% on base rate). 

A single fee of $93.50 is charged for delivery & pick up. Additional fees may apply when the distance exceeds 50 kilometres.

Optional surcharges that may apply include:

  • Additional driver @ $5.50 per day (capped at $55 per hire)
  • Under age driver (<25) @ $22.00 per day
  • Child seat @ $22.00 per day
  • GPS navigation kit @ $5.50 per day

All customers must provide valid credit card information to cover costs incurred during the rental period, e.g. fuel, tolls, traffic or parking infringements, cleaning (from $55), lost or missing keys, and non-fair wear & tear. A fee may be applied for processing these charges ($1.10 per charge).

If the customer's vehicle is registered for GST, the customer will be required to pay the GST portion of the hire charge at the end of the hire period. The customer is then entitled to claim back GST on their BAS. Contact Right2Drive for more information.