Not at Fault Customer Obligations

Right2Drive ensures motorists understand and can enforce their rights after a motor vehicle accident. As a not at fault driver, you are legally entitled to be put back into the position you were in prior to the accident.

How are we different from an insurer?

This is what we offer you, as the eligible not at fault driver, compared to what many insurers provide:

A replacement vehicle that is equivalent to your own.
If provided, may limit the type of vehicle they provide and may not offer you a car comparable to your own. Additional caps on kilometres travelled and use of the vehicle may also apply.
Delivery and collection of the vehicle at a time and location most convenient to you.
You may have to collect and return your hire car at an inconvenient location to you, meaning you will have to make alternative arrangements to get to and from the location of the hire car while your car is off the road.
Use of the vehicle for the entire duration of your repairs. If your vehicle is assessed as a total loss, you will be entitled to remain in the accident replacement vehicle until you receive a payout for your own damaged vehicle.
There may be time limits on the duration you can use the hire car. You could be left stranded while your car is still being repaired, or while an acceptable payout is still being negotiated in the case of total loss.

Not at fault hire car access made easy with Right2Drive​

In the unfortunate event of a not at fault car accident, Right2Drive may be able to provide you access to a not at fault hire car. So you can keep moving while your own car is being repaired, or while you await settlement.

What are your obligations and how can you assist Right2Drive?

In return for the services we provide to you, we ask for your cooperation and prompt responses to our communications.
When you receive one of our accident replacement vehicles, you agree to abide by our terms and conditions, which include:

  • Acting in the best interest of Right2Drive.
  • Not holding up the recovery of the rental costs from the at fault driver or their insurer.
  • Providing all documents reasonably required (including a copy of your physical driver’s licence).
  • Being open and frank with us and not misleading us in any way.
  • Not releasing or purporting to release the at fault party from any of your rights in respect to the accident.
  • Providing us with assistance in the recovery process which may include providing documents, witness statements and in limited circumstances, appearing in court as a witness in proceedings we bring in your name.
  • Advising us promptly when your car repairs are complete, or you are notified of a total loss settlement.