Determining Fault in a Parking Lot Accident

Having an accident in a car park is a common occurrence and many drivers have a lot of misconceptions about the rules that apply when they’re in a car park. With cars moving in every direction, many drivers reversing, and people trying to squeeze into tight parking spaces, it’s no surprise that car parks have a high incidence of accidents. But remember, if you’re the not at fault driver in an accident in a car park, you still have rights and could still be eligible for our services.

So, how is fault determined in a car park accident? Keep in mind that rules for right-of-way, road signs, and the location of the damage on a vehicle can all play a role in determining fault. We’ve outlined some common car park accident scenarios below, but every accident is different, and fault isn’t always clear-cut.

Someone Backed Into My Car In A Parking Lot

We’ve all been in a car park when it’s just a little too busy – especially over public holidays and even on regular weekends. It’s not uncommon for a driver to reverse out of their parking space too quickly and without taking reasonable care as they try to leave the car park. If a reversing driver hasn’t seen your vehicle in the through lane and reverses out into you, the reversing driver would be at fault.

It's common for accidents in a car park to take place when at least one of the drivers is reversing.

Reversing Out Of A Parking Space Accident

There are some instances when you may be reversing out of a parking space and another driver is reversing out from a space opposite you at the same time. If your two vehicles collide and create an accident, you may be partially liable for the accident, as the fault is often apportioned if both parties contributed to the accident. There are different factors at play in this kind of situation, and it does depend on which driver was reversing first as the driver reversing second would have needed to take reasonable care when pulling out of their parking space.

Someone Crashed Into My Parked Car

In a crowded car park, drivers may misjudge spaces and distances. If your car is parked and another driver crashes into your vehicle while it is stationary, the other driver would be at fault in most circumstances.

My Car Got Rear-Ended

Although people should be driving at relatively low speeds in car parks, your vehicle can still sustain a lot of damage from a rear-end accident in a car park. Most of the time, the driver who was tailing will be considered at fault as they were likely not keeping the correct following distance, became impatient or became distracted and slammed into the driver in front of them.

Despite the low speed limits in car parks, a rear-end accident can still cause a lot of damage.

What To Do If You’ve Had An Accident in A Car Park

Being in a car accident is an unpleasant experience – regardless of where it happens. If you’ve been involved in a car park accident, you still need to stop, ensure the other driver and passengers are unharmed and then collect information. Make sure to take plenty of photos of the damage to both vehicles and see if you’re able to get hold of any CCTV footage from the car park. You may be able to find witnesses, so make sure you get their details as it will assist with proving liability.

How can Right2Drive Help Me If I’m Not At Fault?

If you’re eligible for our services, we may be able to provide a like-for-like accident replacement vehicle at no cost to you for the entire duration of your repairs.

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Accident Not Your Fault?

Get a like-for-like replacement car at no cost within 48 hours.

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Accident Not Your Fault?

Get a like-for-like replacement car at no cost within 48 hours.