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Tips To Stay Safe While Driving

August 29, 2018

Australia and New Zealand have some amazing destinations and a fantastic way to explore them is by car. Before you head out, it is important you are familiar with the rules and regulations of our roads, as well as the distances between top tourist locations.

Please check out the following tips to ensure you are fully prepared for your journey.


Top 10 Tips for Driving Safely

  1. Is your car ready for the journey? Cars need to be maintained so it's good practice to check your cars oil, water and fuel levels so it runs smoothly.
  1. Are you tired, ill or feeling drowsy at all? Have you recently had a few drinks? Have you taken medication that could impair your driving? If you’ve answered yes to any of these, you may want to rethink getting behind the wheel. 
  1. If tailgating annoys you as much as it annoys us then please don’t do it. The road is there to share.
  1. Check the weather before getting into your car. Consider delaying your trip if you find you may get caught in a storm. 
  1. Are you prepared if there is an emergency? It’s always handy to have a first aid kit, blanket and torch available in the boot of your car just in case you need it.
  1. Minimise distractions as much as possible so you can focus on the road and the drivers around you.
  1. Buckle your seat belt. We can’t say it enough. Seat belts save more than 13,000 lives each year.
  1. How fast are you driving? Pay attention to the speed limits and please obey them. The speed zones have been created to help you have a safe trip.
  1. Be aware of your surroundings; watch out for other drivers, parked cars and car doors opening. You just never know what someone else on the road may do.
  1. Did you know it’s against the law to text and drive? Don’t be distracted by text messages.


Be safe, drive smart and give yourself the best chance to arrive safely at your destination.