Drivers’ Rights

When you’re not at fault, you have the right to drive. Make sure you check out the latest articles on drivers’ rights.

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Can Dash Cam Footage Be Used As Evidence in Traffic Accidents?

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Understanding Your Rights as a Not-At-Fault International Driver

2023.05.30 Article Banner - Court Rules In Favour Of Not At Fault Driver Invoking His Insurance Policy

Court Rules In Favour Of Not At Fault Driver Invoking His Insurance Policy

Not at fault drivers have rights that need to be upheld. Find out how a recent court decision has supported these rights when a not at fault driver invoked his insurance policy.

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Right2Drive Supports a Not at Fault Driver During His Total Loss Claim

Right2drive plays an important role in upholding the rights of drivers who have been involved in not at fault vehicle accidents. A recent court decision has affirmed these rights.

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Accident Loan Cars: Your Questions Answered

Right2Drive is Australia's leading provider of accident loan cars. We seek to educate not at fault drivers on their rights after an accident so that they are able to access their full legal entitlements.

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Know Your Rights After A Not At Fault Car Accident

After a not at fault car accident, you have legal rights to return you to the position you were in prior to the accident. Right2drive may be able to assist you with an accident replacement vehicle if you're eligible.

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Most Aussie Drivers Are Unaware Of Their Rights After A Not At Fault Car Accident

A recent study has found that 74% of consumers are unaware of their rights after a car accident. Right2Drive acts in the best interest of not at fault drivers to assist with an accident replacement vehicle.

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Car Accident? No Insurance? Not At Fault?

We work to uphold the rights of not at fault drivers by providing accident loan cars to eligible drivers - regardless of whether they have insurance or not

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Right2Drive Has Successfully Won A High Court Appeal Brought By One Of Australia's Largest Insurers - IAG

Right2Drive has successfully won a High Court Appeal brought by one of Australia’s most difficult insurers – IAG.

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Accident Loan Cars. What Are They, What Are The Benefits And How Can You Get One?

Find out the benefits of applying for an accident loan car with Right2Drive, Australia's leading provider.